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June 15, 2010 § 1 Comment

Rishi (Real name is RuusiKes) & Varsha, My two deadly wickediest friends. Ashish, You bastard!! You could have been here too if you would have not started acting ‘sane’ since last few months.

Rishi & Varsha

At Lonavala.

Rishi, the guy with fucked-up virgin hair. Actually, He’s got great hair. I can definitely say that they’re great as compared to the way people make fun of his hair, which is pretty normal [Err…Ignore the word ‘pretty’]. True Scouser converted ManU Fan. The proud?founder of still to be famous CVPMR [See Appendix A]. I can’t count the number of times when we can make the same joke, I mean it..even the same sentence formation. He has the ability to let you know without even speaking a word about it, that he’s with someone special at the moment, when you knock on his door at 4 on some random day. You have to actually knock, Bell’s already Off. Rishi, I hope your mom doesn’t find a way to read this one. Otherwise, you won’t be still alive to kill me .

Varsha a.k.a. Chikki. You genrally can’t specify when you actually become friend with someone. But in her case, I think the occasion was Rishi’s Birthday [Where the hell were you till then?]. I think our start of friendship that day costed us our Respect at Joey’s & Mind you, it’s a very sacred place for us. Still, it was worth it. She knows best how to save herself from any goof-ups with the help of biggest advantage one can ever have in ‘her’ life & that’s being a girl. She never says no to anything, not even when I asked her to chip in for 1 TB HDD me & Rishi were planning to buy. I mean why would anybody say yes to chip in when she couldn’t even use her 80 GB HDD fully. However, she has manged to spend only Rs.100 for that. Thanks to my breaking pact & Rishi’s increasing debt.

I can never end this post. I’d keep on editing as we keep on getting more & more ‘lame’ . Sorry Rishi, I have to add quotes to some words on my blog, as people are just ‘too good’ with Sarcasm. We need no introduction to ’em.

Appendix A

CVPMR [Concurrent Virtually Parallel Mind Reader]

  • Publisher: Torrents Of Blood
  • Publisher’s Web-Site:
  • Release Date: 18 March, 1991
  • Category: Mind Blowing Software
  • Connectivity : SOH (Sense of Humour) Version 7.0
  • Optional Accessories : Brain
  • Price: You can’t Buy it. You have to Earn it.


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