The UnStoppAbles & 70-68.

June 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

What a day in the world of sports!!!

USA, without any doubt deserving leaders of group B. I really felt very bad last year when they lost Confederations Cup Final against Brazil after taking lead of 2-0. They were almost on the verge of dropping out at the first stage of the Confederations Cup. I still remember, They were 7 goals behind even if they win the last one. They won the last game 4-0 & the other team lost 3-0. And they went ahead on goals forwarded. Still, Luck didn’t go their way in the finals.

I really admire the passion they have since long. They’re the one of the 3 teams I support for this world cup as I mentioned in my previous blog. Donovan, Bradely, Altidore & Dempsey. Oh Howard too. All amazing players. Sometimes, I like supporting such underdogs(not anymore). They play way well than few “World Class” teams Eg. England. Did you see England games?  They were atrocious, plain clueless about their tactics. Anyways, It’s too early to say how far USA would go. Still, see what Mr. Donovan has to say,

” We’re not done yet. We believe, man. We’re alive, baby. “

So, Let’s look forward to what happens in the knockout stages. Here’s the Goal from Landon Donovan that  took them through to knockout stage.

Last not but the least, 70-68 match. The numbers definitely do not seem to be remotely related to the game of  Tennis. But, they are. Longest game in the history of  Tennis. I didn’t see it, but I can predict the greatness from highlights. Bravo!! Isner & Mahut.


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