Euphoria Part 1 : Job

January 27, 2011 § 5 Comments

Contradictory to the title, in two words if I have to state my life, I’d say ‘m fucked. Seriously. But I’d still say the title is justifying. Because there is nothing more to be fucked up. So technically(we engineers don’t know where to use this word..Apology), I am happy.

Job sucks. No particular reason. But, it sucks. Oh wait, when I say no particular that means there are fuckin’ so many that I can’t put it up on one post.

To say few, Fuckin’ 28 offices in Mumbai. I repeat, Fuckin’ 28. & those bastards had to give me the farthest. I can just laugh now. It’s like all of your bad luck comes finding you at the same time & guess what, they are in luck, they find you. Even my bad luck is in good luck. I feel like every fuckin’ person on the face of this planet is in luck except me. At least, relatively. It’s like I am compensating for the miles I didn’t travel when I had gazillion hours to do nothing & anything, now, when I have 24 hours to do anything & everything.

Saturdays go in sleeping & sundays in weeping, whining & praying that let the tsunamis take over Earth, let sun burn it to death or probably sucked by black hole but Monday shall not come. Still, it comes anyway & the entire cycle repeats. Damn, monotonous. To be frank, travelling is very kiddish thing to be moaning about. But at least when you travel like 3 hours in a day, you expect to get some quality work. Oh wait, there is some quality work. But no guidance, no help. None. This is my message to all students, please go to the mirror and say it to yourself, “I am lucky because I have plenty books to study from for each subject.” I know you ain’t gonna study anyways. So I din’t tell you to say that.

At work, people ask for the birthday party as if we had the best of times together. Oh fuck it. You all suck. If you’re reading this, call me so that I can say it in your face. Get on with whatever fuck you doing. There is no time to meet some real friends because you fuckers work late & do overtime in office & some creepy managers expect us to do the same. Fuck you & fuck ’em too.

They act as if they are completely oblivious to what you’re up to & at the same time watching every step of yours. Meeting is the most useless & most effective(in terms of time-wasting) tool I have come across these days. They’d literally put fingers in your throat & make you speak some generic thing about the work you have been assigned(completed work is never discussed) for a miniute & then the senior people would talk about some shit for an hour or so & you’re just sitting there dumbstruck with the feeling of what the fuck these duds are talking about & facial expression of Oh that’s brilliant..when I get to work like those ingenious smart studs.

I think this is going to be incomplete even I write for an year more. Whatever be the case, but I’d never regret not going to US for further studies. I’d have not survived in this IT industry that long. C’mon, who are we kiddin’, we are Mumbai University engineers , we suck at it(IT). I’d miss those days though.The 4 year king size life we had(okay..I had) is no longer now. Still hope is there. Because hope  is a good thing and a good thing never dies. There is no doubt that the black hawk’s down but sunrise ain’t far, I can already see the dawn.

Feeling sleepy. “Hope” I’d get time to post about other fucked up parts too. You’re in luck, there are many.

P.S . : Get busy living or get busy dying – Shawshank Redemption


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