Euphoria Part 2 : …

February 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

I thought it’d all be over before I get a chance to write about this part of Euphoria in my life. But as you know life’s a bitch. It’d always embarass you to death. Yes it’s that girl who has done all the damage recently. It’s Chelsea.(Laugh Rishi..Laugh). Fuckin’ 70 million pounds spent. Well spent(I still believe so). & you end up losing match that can get back into the league. Sometimes it’s not important to get back into league. But its hell lot of imprtant when you’re favorites, you have just spent 70 million pounds, you’re playing home & the main two contenders lost points all at the same weekend. I mean the way things were happening that weekend, I thought liverpool would not even turn up for a game & we’d get a bye. But no pool had other plans. Have to say, worst day of my Chelsea fan ‘career'(hell’s that serious). Anyways, feeling sleepy. Hope it’d all be over soon. Tomorrow’s cricket world cup. Any guesses anyone? Ok just tell me who you want to see win. I’d not support it. It’d significantly increase their chances of winning. Adios.




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